Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tired of Searching? List of Helpful Sites

Helpful Sites in Everything

Worldwide Web is such a huge place to travel. It can also cause dizziness when you don't know were to go! Have you ever experienced a time when you badly need something but you just can't find it right away? This could be really frustrating because I've been through that a lot of times. So I compiled a list of helpful sites that I hope would also help you enjoy your worldwide web travel.

Here are the list of sites that has constantly helped me in various of ways. They have been categorized so that it'll be more easy for you to look for sites, when you need them the most. Whether you're looking for social networking sites, educational or general information, sports, fashion or whatsoever. Some of these sites, I guess, are quite very familiar or even popular to you. All of them have something in common--they're doing these services for FREE! (Just as my promotion of them is!:)

Blogging or Webhosting

Blogging is undoubtedly the latest trend in the net today. Who needs a pen and paper when you can have just a few clicks and type them immediately(without the hassle of scribbling) and have the world know your thoughts?

This site offers its users the ability to customize the page all you want, choose from a wide array of themes and edit the site in WYSIWYG(What You See is What You Get). It creates a feeling of managing your own site.

Very user friendly blogging community. Just like Wetpaint, I love Wordpress for it offers me endless capability in sharing my thoughts online. It also has a powerful way of getting your posts to the top of the results, hence, your blogs have high rate of being viewed if you know what tags to put.

Social Networking

Who among you isn't spending at least 5 minutes of your surfing time not visiting your social networking account? Of course, aside from opening your emails, one cannot help but just take a peak if your friends or relatives are online, or your new "friends" have sent you a message, uploaded a video, or someone wants to know you!

This social interaction site helps friends, relatives keep in touch.It has also the capability of helping people around the world meet new friends. This has personally helped me a lot in being updated whether our returned missionaries are currently dating, broke up with their special someones or already married since I think everything wouldn't be "official" now without having things declared in your Facebook shoutout.

Filipinos and Indians and Indonesians and many other Asians now have all the reason to stay online more often because of this totally unlimited social networking site. Here one can view, add and also block people. Shout out, I think is it's cool feature aside from giving it's users the ability to share the whole world(or at least to their friends) about their current feelings, opinions, or any phrase that would catch others attention.

I always loved Myspace since high school. I consider it to be more cool than Friendster because it has attracted more international people than the former. It has also helped some local artists in promoting their talents, activities, etc. Remember how Colbie Caillat has gained her fame?

The most famous site in today's generation. This enables its users to upload, comment and rate videos. This has also been a good source for my assignments too! YouTube has also helped, just like Myspace, in promoting local talents just like Charise Pempengco, Tiffany Alvord, Mia Rose and Venetian Princess. I should also mentioned that this has fueled the rivalry between Miley Cyrus(through her Mandy and Miley Show) and Selena Gomez(with bestfriend Demi Lovato).

General Information

Preparing for reports, homeworks or just wanting to know more about something? Or to know the details about everything?

This is the best and most comprehensive, most unbiased and totally brilliant site ever! One can be updated and know more about just everything through it. Purely informational.
This search engine helps you search through its comprehensive database and even has better "suggestions" if you cannot narrow down your search by yourself.

Amazing is an understatement. This site contains a list of almost anything under the sun. It would be helpful when you're fond of trivias and your history teacher is fond of giving you homeworks. (wink).


What's life without music?Lifeless. In the webworld wherein you get to click a lot of sites that in the end would only sell you a copy of your favorite star's album, but not to offer a free copy of it, then I guess this site(so far I've seen only one) would be a great blessing to you.

I've been having a hard time to search for a FREE site in downloading mp3 until I stumbled into this site. It enables its users to download mp3 for free. However, sometimes the songs you've download(into you MediaPlayer) may have a hard time buffering. Over all, I must commend the vastness of its sources, though sometimes the sources may be outdated or some are inaccessible. But if you're looking for popular songs, you'll surely find them all in this site. And just don't mind the pop-ups.


I'm a real bookworm, but with my work wherein I get to spend more time in the net than at home, I need free e-books so I could read Dan Brown and John Grisham's books or the latest Harry Potter sequel or just any book I want to get a hold of. Most of the books around are not for free, so here's one that will definitely paint your faces with a glee.

Reading is best done when you're sharing. It enables its user to search its vast collection of free e-books to download Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, Harry Potter 4, Twilight ust name it, they have it. Thanks to its contributors, for nothing can stop us from reading and just reading now.

Mail & Chat
Free email account and when you're buddies are online, you can chat with them too! What I love about AOL is that the user can change the theme from the pink, to blue, to lilac to orange. The security is also superb.

My first ever email! Very user friendly and keeps you updated with what's happening not only around the world, but specifically in your area. Just like AOL's feature, you can also chat with your friends when they're on SMS or online.
It's a one-stop chatting site! You can log-in to your aim, yahoo messenger and many other chatting accounts simultaneously! Yes, especially if messengers are blocked in your company's browser! haha.


It's hard to keep your standards in clothing when you don't know where you're going to buy them. This site offers a variety of beautiful and modest clothes for various ocassions.
The clothes are really modest if you're not buying, you can also look at the designs and be assured that being modest is still a wonderful fashion statement.



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thanks for sharing. the mp3raid has helped me a lot in finding free downloadable musics. 4shared is such an awesome place for free ebooks too! thanks for sharing these brilliant sites jonhar!

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