Friday, October 31, 2008

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in Hawaii--Again

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Were they Married?

With the success that the High School Musical 3 is garnering, Zanessa were spotted enjoying a romantic walk in Hawaii on a Sunday afternoon. Vanessa Hudgens, wearing a white dress and bangs looked so happy while the certified hottie, Zac Efron, looked much more gorgeous as his past efforts of toning down have been paid.

Rumors circulated that the on and off screen couple were married secretly in the island. However, this shouldn't be confused with the real event that they ONLY attended. Zanessa were on the island to attend Jason Brett's wedding(Zac's manager), and not celebrating their own! Yet some photos taken may connote the two really enjoying the said event and Vanessa might be relishing the wedding as if her own.

Zac Efron looks so hot in this picture! Vanessa has all the reasons to be happy...

There have been incredible improvements with Zac Efron and it's obviously visible with such a great bod! Vanessa Hudgens is such a pretty lady and I adore her for having such a grace. But hey, Zac Efron is a different story, he's so hot that I could melt anytime! So I think from now on, I would have more Zac Efron pictures saved on my desktop than ever before.
What else could this hunk ask for? He already have a good career, nice bod and a lovely girlfriend.

They just can't resist each other, anywhere!

Could it be that Zanessa could be the next Brangelina? 



Anonymous said...

the next Brangelina? yay! zanessa looks really cute together!!!! thanks for posting this :)

zanessaforever said...

the next brangelina? yeah! zanessa looks really cute..i love vanessa and zac is so hot! their pics in hawaii is just sooooo cute! thanks for posting this! :)

jonhar said...

zac is soooo hot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the next Brangelina. They've got the most comments in Just Jared than most couples combined like Robert-Kristen, Camilla-Joe and whoever. That only means that they're the next big thing to Brangelina. Zanessa rocks!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Sure Zanessa rocks. Just look at those hot muscles..haha. Definitely Zac's best pictures.