Thursday, March 26, 2009

AllieisWired's Celebrity Look-A-Like Contest

AllieisWired is currently holding a Celebrity Look-A-Like Content and has this unique collection of pictures of people with celebrity look-a-likes. The one with the closest resemblance will win $100 and a Red Nano iPod! Whooa! Those with second-best pictures will get half of the hundred bucks. Well, what would you loose if you only have to pass your pic with the closest look-a-like to a star and presto--you'll get the prize. It's like waiting for a paycheck that you haven't actually worked much for!

Take a look this Rihanna look-a-like minus the bruises! This is really cool, I thought it was really her at first glance. Christina Aguilera's look-a-like is also an entry that's pretty hard to beat, likewise that of Sean and Bruce.

Don't you think these people deserve much exposure and earn lots of bucks like their look-a-likes?

To vote for the star with the closest resemblance, visit, The contest will end on April 30th. So those who they look like Julia Roberts, Demi Moore or whoever you think you look like, then grab that cam and submit your entries now!



christine said...

I swear she sure do look like Rihanna! first. Sean Phenn was also close, and Christina's look-a-like would be hard to beat as well.

blake cheeney said...

lol..this is kewl..