Friday, March 6, 2009

Discover the Breath-taking Beauty of Bangued, Abra Philippines

A couple of months ago, me and my mom went to her hometown. Going there wasn’t a first time for me but boarding on an airplane was! Though the travel was extremely exhausting, the view of her hometown was worth all the tiredness. Even the view above the plane made me even more grateful to our Heavenly Father for making things so beautiful for all of us to enjoy.

From Bangued Abra, we crossed a make-shift bridge and enjoyed the river’s beauty. I remember how she always fondly related to me how they, as little kids, spent most of their lives crossing this bridge. And when it overflows, she would be able to escape her

Though we may only had a couple of days to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, I was able to taste many sumptuous and nutritious food that can only be cooked well by an Ilocano. We ate Pinakbet, Diningding, Dinaldalem and many other “naimbag’’ nice-tasting foods.The time we spent in Bangued, Abra may be too short yet it was really worth it. I was able to spend quality time with my aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and many other distant relatives. My time there was indeed far-spent and truly a walk to remember.

Here are just some of our vacation pictures. Click on each picture to enlarge and see the real beauty of Bangued, Abra. Tara na byahe tayo! Lakbayin ang Pilipinas! (C'mon let's travel and explore the beauty of Philippines!)



PatrickZola said...

Abra! the hottest place in the Philippines? If im correct, the hottest midday temp was recorded in this place? . . or meron na bang naka break ng record?

Jonha D. Revesencio said...

haha. You're right Pat, it was definitely hot in Abra that's why we were wearing jacket. It's funny that it was for the sun and not for cold

Drama Queen said...

hey Jon!!!! Who's Ng Gina? Sorry have to ask..hehehee..neway, Abra is such a lovely place...captivating scenery...not to mention the cool atmosphere....I miss traveling na....miss you as well...glad I can see you and read your thoughts here...:) say hi to all!!!

jonharules said...

hey jans, it's not a cool place. it's way too hot! but it's indeed splendid. glad you dropped by too! have fun jans, i miss you so much..hehe..keep blogging! :D