Friday, March 20, 2009

People I'd Like to Meet in Person: My Wish List

We all dream about meeting people that we admire and sometimes sort of idolize. We'd like to talk to them, hear of their fresh and interesting ideas, or just learn more more how they do great in singing, acting, reporting, teaching, playing, blogging or in whatever field they excel.

Every year our choices changes as to whoever is famous or if we discover someone new. To some, their admiration just grew stronger, or for others, it may just fade. In my life, I've met a lot of cool and really interesting people. In one way or another, they've been so helpful in my development and growth as a person. However, there are still a lot of people that I'd like to meet in person.

Here are their names and why.

1. Lea Salonga-Internationally renowned singer, humble Filipina, great personality and outstanding example to all Filipinas. I can only wish I could meet her in person. She once had a concert here in Iloilo but due to the nature of my work and conflict in my schedule(I work graveyard), I missed it. :(

2. Charice Pempengco-She has been living her dream,seeing her favorite and adored Hollywood Stars, I think its about time for me to have my own dream come true in seeing her in person too!Her voice is very powerful, she seems to be a jolly kid and she's so sweet.

3. Tiffany Alvord-One day I was looking for the video of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas in the Camp Rock, "This is Me". Then I cam across her videos in YouTube. This kid is superb! She has the talents of a real singer, she's so lovely and she plays the piano very well! I'd like to spend some time with her and hear sing her composed song, "My Dream". She's really totally amazing!Link
4. Dave Days-We both love Miley Cyrus! He's so goofy, funny and simply amusing so I'd like to feel how its like to be with him even just for one day. His ideas are pretty cool. I'd like to laugh around with him and just talk about how cool Miley is!

5.Venetian Princess-it's always good to hang out in YouTube and see a lot of great and really talented people and she's definitely one of them! She has made many funny parodies of many famous videos and she does them pretty well!

6.James Ryan Jonas-The man behind PMT or Pinoy Money Talk, a very informative website about making money online, stocks and just about anything that will help every Filipino improve their financial status or anything like unto it. I'd like to talk to him, listen to his sound ideas, and just sit down and learn more from this highly experienced blogger. Hay, wish ko lang ;)

7. Carl Ocab-Really amazing kid-blogger! I'd like to ask him a lot of questions! He's so inspiring, I can't help but promote him to everyone I know. He's really one of a kind. I can only wish to see him in person. Well to chat would help would be great but to ask to see him in person may be too much, tsk.

8.Vanessa Hudgens-I would like to save this spot for my all-time favorite. I have other favorites but she's the very first on my list. I just placed her last because this wish seems to be the most that won't be real too soon..hehe(in case genie would drop by my blog and grant all my wishes). She has made every Filipinos proud when she landed the Gabriella role in High School Musical, she's very stylish. I'd like to shop with her, she must be very fun to be with! And I must be too lucky to get a glimpse of Zac too!hehe.

I have a lot more people that I'd like to meet, but they're the ones on the top of my list.

What about you? Who would you like to meet?



emo_lover said...

Here's my list:

1. Joe Jonas
2. Daniel Radcliffe
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Vanessa Hudgens
5. Oprah Winfrey

They're the most amazing people in the world, I can only wish to see them. :)

gossipgaga said...

i wish i could meet Robert Pattinson in person!

rodrigo said...

I'd like to see Camilla Belle in person! She's got lovely eyebrows and I'd like to see her smile.