Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heidi Montag in Violet Nail Polish

My co-worker and friend, Rainbow, was able to persuade me to have my nails painted with violet nail polish. At first I was very skeptic about the idea thinking that it would only make my already dark hands darker. However, I agreed on trying something new on, so here's one hot idea on what to wear on your nails this summer.

Your skin needs protection from the sun to prevent it from being burnt or damaged. The hair also needs protection from the sun rays so it could remain soft and manageable. Has it ever crossed your mind that your nails, yes, your nails need protection too?

Nail polishes were proven to protect nails from becoming dry, flaky or broken by creating a barrier or shield over the top of the nail. They also give the nail a smooth and very hard coating which protects the nail from splitting, allowing the nail to grow. (Answerbag)

Check out this cool picture of Heidi Montag in the beach wearing a sexy violet bikini and a vixen violet nail varnish. 

Purple polish, make up, clothes, bags and other accessories sure are making its way into the world right about now. So it's about time to open your eyes to other options aside from the usual pink, read or blue.

Don't paint the town red no more. Let's paint it violet!



Dawen said...

I love black nail polish... It goes well with any color(skin... clothes... Hair...)... Hehehehe...

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Violet made my hands look lighter though..hehe. Black is a little too emo for me Dars..hehe