Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David Archuleta Attended a Sunday Service in the Philippines

American Idol first runner-up and faithful Latter-Day Saint, David Archuleta, attended a sacrament Sunday service in the Bonifacio 5th Ward, Guadalupe Chapel the day after his concert with David Cook in Manila, Philippines. Many people had misconceptions that he and his team went home straight after the concert. This is probably because of the video wherein he thanked his Filipino fans and mentioned about "actually going home" but here are just some his snapshots when he attended the Sunday services in Guadalupe ward around 2:00-3:00 in the afternoon.

A typical Sunday service in a Latter-Day Saint (aka Mormon) chapel usually consists of a sacrament meeting, Sunday School classes, various classess depending on your age (youth class, priesthood class, Relief Society class, Primary class).

David Archie was even requested by the Bishopric of the said ward to sing in their congregational hymn, "Be Still My Soul, while his aunt played the piano. He then left even before they closed the meeting with a closing prayer in order to avoid possible distractions in the reverence of the said ward's sacrament meeting.

Though he was there for but a brief moment, members in the said ward were so pleased to see their American Idol remembering his God and his covenant. David Archuleta is really one in a million as he never forgets that there's a Mighty power that enables him to do all his works, enjoy the fame he is now experiencing and above all, earn the love of millions.

American Idol David Archuleta visited his Idol's house in Guadalupe Ward. No that's not like SuBo being in The Priory! He was there to renew his covenant to the Lord as most Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) do every Sunday.

David Archie on his way to the sacrament hall of Bonifacio 5th Ward, Guadalupe.
He later sang "Be Still My Soul" while his aunt played the piano.

A typical Latter-Day Saint greeting, David Archie shaking hands with members in the Guadalupe Ward. Check out the local chapels of LDS Church in your area and receive the same warm welcome.

David Archuleta leaving the Guadalupe Chapel even before the closing prayer in the sacrament meeting.

Image Source: Ricky Cuenco & Liahona Andaya

Location: Bonifacio 5th Ward, Guadalupe Manila

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Archie Angel said...

Wow thanks so much for sharing these pics to us. David is such a darling, he's so nice, he's so talented and so inspiring. He's a very good example to all the youths. He will always be my American Idol.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I love how you gave a full account of David Archuleta's activities in the temple. Keep it up jonharules!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

David Archuleta is such a great example both to members & non-members of the LDS Church and I'm happy to spread that word that he's such a great guy. He's a real American Idol.