Friday, December 11, 2009

Robert Pattinson is STILL Single!

I can think of only two reactions which Robert Pattinson fans would react to the news that Robert Pattinson is STILL single. One, they would be happy that he is still single, unattached, but well, unfortunately--not looking. Others would be disappointed that the rumors that he and Kristen Stewart aka Bella, her on-screen love interest, are not actually dating and having a relationship.

Robert Pattinson himself confirmed, once and for all, that he is still single in an interview with Italian Vanity Fair, and he said "I am single... almost everything that came out about my private life is false."He basically dismissed Kristen Stwart, saying everything you read about his love life is all made-up by the media to give you something to read. "I think it happens because, really, there is not much to say about what I’m doing,” Pattinson said. “While I am filming, I live practically [like a] recluse in [a] hotel. I come out only to work, and sometimes to go out for dinner. But, if you read the magazines, it seems that I have a frantic high life.”