Sunday, January 24, 2010

RIP Johnny Depp?

My automatic reaction to the Twitter trending topic was, "OMG! No way!" Well, don't freak out everyone, Johnny Depp isn't dead yet! lol

It's just some joke or hoax way back in 2004 when someone published a mocked up fake CNN story on an Angelfire web community page.

That hoax stated that "Johnny Depp's car was found along side a road outside Bordeaux, France, with the guard rail embedded deep inside the car. A tourist was driving down the road when he saw a car wreck alongside the road. He stepped out and tried to see if anyone was in there while his wife dialed the police for help. To his dismay, he found the a body in the car among liquor bottles. The police arrived at the scene shortly after and pulled out the body of the former actor, Johnny Depp. The police suspect that alcohol was the cause of the accident".

So if you read something, don't believe it right away!

So, just for the record:

1. Johnny Depp is not dead
2. Do not believe everything you read on Twitter
3. Do your research before spreading the misinformation further
4. Don't click too many links about this, the celebrity malware spammers will be joining in soon enough