Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's not easy to be MEan.

For the past few days, I've been itching to unsubscribe from Perez Hilton's updates. It's probably a feeling that most of his subscribers feel but couldn't simply click on the "Unsubscribe" button at the end of the newsletter mainly because of the absence of it. I've subscribed to many various sites and his remained for quite sometime because I need to login to his site then who knows if I could easily find it there. It's just that everyday, the more I see his updates, the greater the feeling that I want to unsubscribe. For the last time, I patiently checked on his updates expecting to read more of his mean and non-sense blog posts. I have an impression that Perez Hilton maintains the "Keep them keen by being mean" attitude being the "Queen of Mean".


There it goes, I kept reading and...gosh, it's weird that I couldn't resist reading them over and over again! I think it's like falling in love for the second time around and this time the appreciation and love is much more intense and meaningful.

I may not like how Perez is so mean in giving his comments but I couldn't agree more.

I was even surprised when I've read that he's on top of list of Forbes' 25 Web Celebrity. People like Pete Cashmore, Seth Godin were even at the lower part of the list and of all people, c'mon, Mario Lavandeira aka Perez Hilton? Does this mean people are more interested in gossips than tech commentaries?

I wasn't surprised to see Michael Arrington on the second spot. I was only surprised to see that he has received a lot of death threats. So does this mean that in order for one to be famous, he has to be mean?

I'm not sure about all things. I'm not an expert in writing. Most of the time I just ramble and oftentimes I find people getting tired of what I write about and what I've written, but here's what I've learned. In order for one to draw the much coveted attention from millions of people, yes, did I mention MILLIONS? In order for one to have millions of readers and re-readers (that means they will return or revisit your site because you keep them keen of what you gotta say), you need to create a personality or bring out the unique in you, not necessarily the best. Something they'd find interesting, intriguing or simply amusing. In this case, their being mean has made them agreeable or simply famous.

It's not easy to be mean though. One has to be ready of the death threats or the likes.Some people just can't take that sometimes blogging should be taken personally. Now, do you think you're ready to adopt the "Keep them keen by being mean"? The choice is yours. After all, it's not easy to be mean, it's not easy to be who you really are.

Oh by the way, here's the top 25 Web Celebrities as proclaimed by Forbes.

The Web Celeb 25
1Perez Hilton
2Michael Arrington
3Kevin Rose
4Frank Warren
5Cory Doctorow
6Pete Cashmore
7Beppe Grillo
8Heather Armstrong
9Guy Kawasaki
10Jason Calacanis
11Robert Scoble
12Will Leitch
13Jeff Jarvis
14Wil Wheaton
15Nate Silver
16Om Malik
17Matt Drudge
18Owen Thomas
19Dave Winer
20Seth Godin
21Brian Lam
22Mark Frauenfelder
23Steve Rubel
24John C. Dvorak
25Leo Laporte