Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook is Expanding and Rejoicing

Early morning when we wake up, we chat chat chat on Facebook. Or update our statuses about what your breakfast us, how messy your hair is, how much you hate this celebrity, how much food are left on your fridge and just about anything random. With everyone eager to share just about anything online these days, social networking sites are booming. Facebook, in their official blog, has just recently announced that they will be expanding as there are currently more than 400 million users around the world that badly needs their service. (Well, as if they respond quickly to our request, and as if they listen carefully every time we whine about the constant changes they're making).

The new offices will be scattered across around the world. Ireland, Austin and India to be exact.

With the growing numbers of Facebook users, it's so easy to imagine Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues rejoicing and celebrating as they've just defeated Google as the most visited site in US this month.

Here are just some of the random pictures of Mark Zuckerberg and his friends in an Indian Wedding last January and Launch Night as Facebook last month.

Mark Zuckerberg with co-founder Dustin Moscovits in an Indian wedding

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan in India on January 2010

If you can't get enough of this tech head, here's a link to Mark Zuckerber's private profile on Facebook. His sister, Randy Zuckerberg or his co-founder Dustin Moscovitz. Thought I'd just share, I'm not sure how on earth they'd confirm your request, but you can always try. :D