Thursday, March 18, 2010

How I Managed to Speak With Pete Cashmore and Other Web Celebrities

Celebrities have become more open in sharing their lives now than any other times in the history. With the aid of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTuber, Chat Roulette and many other social stalking,er--I mean social networking sites, fans could now talk get to see how their favorite celebrities' regular day is like. Twitter, for instance, is infested with so much celebrities that tweet their their activities and share their photos almost everyday. Facebook fan pages are also great ways of connecting. Chat Roulette is also a favorite of celebrities as they chat randomly with almost anyone.

Here are some of the snapshots of not so celebrity people that I followed, talked and stalked. haha

The hottest man alive, perhaps next to sunshine, CEO of Mashable. It's not just his looks that made him drool-worthy but also the highly informative posts that they're posting almost every hour (I would know since his Feeds sort of dominate my Facebook homepage).

Here's what his official Facebook account tells us about him:

24yr old founder/CEO of, a Technorati Top 10 blog.

Inc Magazine 30 Under 30. Forbes Top 25 Web Celeb. HuffPost Top 10 Game Changer. Columnist at CNN.

Coffee addict. Scared of geese.

Our fan page:

Below are screenshots of the glorious Christmas day when Pete Cashmore confirmed my friend request, how I was able to convince him to confirm my friend request and how he responded to almost everyone who greeted him on Christmas day.

I got a feeling that he was a little more generous about approving friend requests on Christmas day than any other days since it's a season of love. I may be wrong but you could always try to approach him or repeat your friend request on special occasions because after all, Pete Cashmore as a lot of things on his plate so you gotta be persistent and nerdilicious in pursuing him.

If he happens not to have time (I assure you, he's just probably so busy), you can still follow him on Twitter.

Pete Cashmore responded to almost anyone that greeted him Merry Christmas. Sweet!

Pete and Cashmore and me are official boy and girl friends ,er, ok, just friends, lol.
For those who are wondering, here's how I convinced Pete Cashmore to confirm my friend request on Facebook. Yes, I needed to send him a message because he clicked on the Confirm button. Hurry up before he reaches his 5000 friends limit!
She's the most amazing, talented YouTuber around. She plays the piano and guitar. She also composes songs and her voice is simply terrific!

Here's what her Bio on YouTube tells us about her:

My name is Tiffany and I am 17 (Dec, 11th 1992). I write my own songs, play the guitar and piano, and I love to sing. I also love to act.

I've been writing songs since I was 10, and I absolutely love thinking of new things to write about. I am inspired by things that happen to me or things that I imagine or dream about.

I've been playing the guitar for 3 years and I taught myself. I took piano lessons for 6 years when I was younger, but just play for fun now. I hope you enjoy my music and thanks for listening!

She's a very sweet girl and takes time to respond to almost everyone that greets her on Twitter. Here's her response to one of my tweets.

Ok so this dude isn't a celebrity, but the company that he's working with is celebrities' favorite--what else--Twitter! He's an infrastructure engineer in the said awesome company. In one previous conversation on Facebook, he mentioned about turning down the social media giant's offer. Whooa, this guy must be really good!

Larry's response about Twitter growing up in UK, how he turned down Facebook's offer and his random total awesomeness.

Her Twitter Bio says: Actor, singer, wife, mommy, writer, traveler and foodie! Well she's the one and only Miss Saigon, pride of the Filipinos because of her world-class talent in singing.

She once responded about one of her tours. I couldn't seem to pull it up. Very sweet and nice lady.

Who in the world doesn't know this girl? I haven't spoken with her nor do I have the intentions to beg for her attention. She was once spotted in Chat Roulette though.

Your favorite celebrities are just clicks away on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Chat Roulette so be persistent! These are all just human beings and I know sometime somehow you will be able to "speak" with them. With the help of social networking sites, you can have updates about your favorite celebrities like Asthon Kutcher, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber (he's been hanging out on YouTube lately). Web celebrities like iJustine or Justine Ezarick, Natalie Tran or communitychannel, Dave Days and many others could be found on live streaming sites so it's always worth it to try and talk to them.