Monday, April 5, 2010

My Last Post for Miley Cyrus

Last Post for Miley Cyrus

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyes for but a moment. Perhaps I need to declare that I am officially abandoning this celebrity gossips blog and this will serve to be my last post and would like to dedicate this, above anyone else, to Miley Cyrus.

I just don't want to vanish in thin air leaving all the readers in this blog clueless as to when this blog will next be updated. I hate it when people just leave you hanging so I thought I'd let you all know. I think I also need to notify all the spammers of this celebrity blog that it's officially closed, April 6th, Tuesday, 12:51 (at least in my time). I dedicate this last post for Miley Cyrus. I thought about how I should have named this blog Mileyrules instead of Jonharules but perhaps it's too late. Thi blog has got more than 12,000 backlinks to jonharules and got a PR3 on this URL or web address that abruptly changing it to Mileyrules wouldn't make any difference. Well maybe it would. In a way, more than 7 million people around the world are searching for "Miley Cyrus" online everyday and that she's got maybe 15 million fans all over the world. But then again, I don't think it would make such a huge difference because even if this blog is entitled "Everything Famous" because after all, all these famous people would hardly notice that this blog will no longer be operating. I'm not like the Queen of Mean, Perez Hilton. And I felt the need to focus on my happiness blog instead.

I mentioned that I made money when the Twitter trending topic #nickjonassideboob became so popular but the truth is, I am making more money on my home reading report blog than in my any other blogs. (Here are my other blogs in case you're interested to keep track and you would most likely see me there often since I am abandoning this blog)
Home Reading Report

Now, I wonder if there would be any gossip bloggers who might be interested in taking over this celebrity news blog? Let me know in my happiness blog. I'll get back to you as fast as a lightning strikes. haha

I love blogging about Miley Cyrus but since she stopped tweeting then I guess it's about time to move on and be who I really am. And this blog is who I really am.

It took me several months to realize where and what could truly make me happy and it took me me 95 posts to realize that I'm not really into these glamor and celebrity gossips. Well it's easier to read gossips on JustJared than to write it on my own because after all, I don't get to see the stars in person unlike Perez Hilton and I don't think I'd ever be like Dave Days who finally got to see Miley Cyrus in person.

I don't expect this last post to get her attention not as much as I have gotten the attention of Penelope Trunk on my happiness blog. I was literally happy that day when the only comment I had on that post was actually from someone I look up to.

Ok so this post is about closing down this blog, er--abandoning it.

Why Abandon Blogging for This Celebrity Blog?

It's so simple. I need to focus on something that makes me happy, something that defines me. When I google my name the first result is this blog and this simply isn't me. I am not a gossipmonger.

I used to ask: Rules or Happiness?

Notice the URL of my blogs: jonHappiness or jonhaRules.

I used to think that I could manage to maintain both. But I guess I'm no better than the people in the New Testament when Matthew told them, "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other."

I guess I need to give heed to that counsel and focus on what will truly makes me happy because after all, we can't just have the best of both worlds.