Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Web Millionaires and Their Girlfriends

Young, Talented, Rich and Famous Web Entrepreneurs and the Girls They're Dating

Have you ever dreamed about how it's like to be wrapped in the arms of Brad Pitt? Well, you're not alone as bazillion of girls worldwide are dreaming about being in the same situation. Unfortunately, the hottest man alive has already been snagged by the hottest lady on Earth herself, Angelina Jolie. You see, behind every good man is a great woman. Every successful man always have someone to confide to, lean on, cuddle, kiss and spend the rest of the sunset with.

If Brad Pitt has Angelina, have you ever wondered who Pete Cashmore, the hot 24-year-old CEO of Mashable, is dating? Or maybe who is the woman behind the most powerful creator of the most successful social networking site of the world, Facebook? Below is a list of the most successful young web entrepreneurs who are already earning millions even if their ages are below 40 and the list of girls they're dating or in a relationship with!

Okay, you can call me a little biased but I didn't finish the whole list because the truth is, I was only interested with Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend, Matt Mullenweg's girlfriend and most of all, with Pete Cashmore's girlfriend. 

Priscilla Chan: Mark Zuckerberg's Girlfriend

There's not much written about Priscilla Chan and I am assuming that she wants to keep her life private despite all the fame and power Mark Zuckerberg has been getting. Had it not been for the change in the Facebook privacy settings, we couldn't have gotten a glimpse of this Asian beauty who has captured Mark's heart. 

Lisa Bettany: Pete Cashmore's Girlfriend

Looks like this is a month for revelation as we've been seeing lots of pictures of Lisa Bettany and Pete Cashmore together. After having spotted together in the SXSW Diggnation Twit Live and Lisa shooting the Two days in the life of Mashable CEO, Pete Cashmore, there's no doubt that this lovely and talented model-turned-photographer has snatched Pete Cashmore's heart. 

Below are some of the random and really cute pictures of Pete Cashmore and Lisa Bettany together. 

Hottie Lisa Bettany and Ridiculously Good looking Pete Cashmore in one of the many events that they're together. 
What else could picture tell you but they're definitely having some quality time and fun together! Awwww!

Pete Cashmore and Lisa Bettany: The Brangelina of the Tech
Pete Cashmore and his girlfriend, Lisa Bettany in Vancouver. Lisa's actually from Canada.
Pretty Lisa Bettany with the Hottie Brad Pete, er, Pete Cashmore, in NYC.
Brad Pete and AngeLisa of the Tech

Every successful man has a great woman behind him who would always encourage, inspire, motivate and push him to really do his best at all times. So if you want to date any of these millionaire web entrepreneurs, you gotta ask yourself if you've got the right attitude to deal with their demanding schedule and the world they're into. These ladies whom they chose to date and for some, spend the rest of their lives with, are actually highly successful ladies in their own fields and have proven themselves worthy of the love of these young, talented, rich and hot web entrepreneurs. After all, what makes these young web entrepreneur really rich is the fact that they carry such marvelous and priceless gems with them!

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