Friday, January 7, 2011

Who is Mark Salling Dating in Boracay?

Mark Salling Shirtless in Boracay - Met with Filipina Celebrities Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis and Solenn Heussaff

Alright so it's not new that Mark Salling or Puck of Glee had a great time in Boracay during the holidays. He actually met with local celebrities like Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Jasmine Curtis during his stay in the island.

Mark Salling, shirtless, joined the group of Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Jasmine Curtis for a mango rhum. 

Could one of these celebrities be the lucky girl whom Mark Salling is dating and eventually become his girlfriend? Well it's too early to tell. Or we could never tell. 

Mark Salling Dating Partying in Boracay

On the 27th of December, several days before Mark met with the local celebrities, my friends got a chance to meet him. Well not exactly but they got to be in the same bar where he was partying with some local girls and here are just some photos. 
[[You can click the photos to enlarge]]
Mark Salling aka "Puck" of Glee closer look. Drunk already, eh? Mapungay na ang mata.
Mark Salling spotted with some local girl in Boracay. 
Could she be Mark Salling girlfriend? Heck no! haha 
Now could this be the girl Mark Salling is dating? 
My friend could only wish. She took those shots and it looks like she wants more than just paparazzi-like photos and actually had Puck agree to have a photo with her.
Hi *waves* 
Er, excuse the lady in the photo, that's my friend. She wants a photo with her boyfriend but my friend who's taking the photo seem to have taken the opportunity to take a photo of Mark. Can't get enough of those stolen shots, maybe?

Mark Salling. Mark Salling. 
My fingers are starting to get tired typing his name but my friend's didn't. She just gotta love taking photos of him!

Oh man, they just wouldn't call it a night unless they have a photo with Puck! 

As for the question who is Mark Salling dating or who his girlfriend is, I absolutely have no idea! Go ask him!