Sunday, November 13, 2011

7 Beauty Secrets That Models Don’t Want You to Know

Beauty secrets of models are sought after because they look gorgeous and perfect. They flip their hair and men take notice, bat their eyelashes and men are enthralled. Their laughter is infectious and their presence commanding. They’re known for having glowing complexions and compelling smiles. They wear the most beautiful dress and most expensive diamond rings. In the modeling world, it is unquestionable that a striking beauty sells and sought after by most talent agencies and big companies.

But do you ever wonder how they keep their drool-worthy features stunning as ever? Natural beauty is good but models never leave it at that. After all, they’re paid by their looks. They have to maintain and enhance their physical features and strong points in order to create a good market. But with beauty comes a few secrets that models keep to highlight the best of what they could offer to the world. Models are known to have their own beauty secrets that work for them. And well sometimes, they keep them to their own dazzling selves. Here are a few beauty secrets models stick to.

1. Lemon Juice- The good fruit that’s a staple ingredient for most of your dishes is a beauty tool. Most people including models swear that it acts as a natural toner and cleanses the skin. It keeps the skin looking fresh, clears away pimples and smoothly evens out the complexion. It’s a trick used by most makeup artists, celebrities and models to keep the skin glowing. Another good thing is that, it’s also a good exfoliator and rubs away scaly rough patches of skin.

2. Strawberries - Strawberries whiten teeth and keeps them gleaming, another good reason to stock up on these fruits. But no, they don’t just pop these berries straight to the mouth. What they do, they often smash strawberries with a good amount of baking soda (another ingredient known to whiten our teeth). The smashed result is a thick paste that can be used as toothpaste. Just brush teeth with the concoction several days a week for good results.

3. Face Spritzer - We’ve seen models spritzed their faces and wondered what it’s all about. But it’s a trick used by supermodels making them stand out. What’s in the spritzer? It’s actually a blend of water and whole milk. Models use this homemade milk spray the whole day making skin supple and glowing. It’s the perfect moisturizer.

4. Peppermint Extract- Want plump pouty lips? Forget collagen injections when you can make use of this pain-free natural beauty ingredient. Peppermint extract plumps the lips because it’s known to dilate blood vessels. To enjoy a youthful plump pucker, simply pat a small amount on your lips and show off that pout!

5. White Eyeliner- Tyra Banks often tell her models to smile with their eyes. Our eyes express our moods and emotions and they need to be highlighted. Models who often have to do an all-nighter work hard to cover a tired face that obviously needs sleep. The solution to a wiped out pale face is a tiny beauty tool that makes all the difference. Most models especially Miss Banks herself carry with them in their bags a white eyeliner. Just apply on the bottom inner eyelid and it will guarantee to make your eyes pop.

Real beauty isn’t physical, it runs deeper. But we also need to enhance and take care of our physical features. There’s no infinite beauty secret, the secret to looking good and feeling good is always living and loving the good life.

This is a guest post by published by Kim Tyrone Agapito of Web Strategy Blog. He also published a related post about keeping the sparkles of your diamond earrings on another blog.


Jenny O'Toole said...

Indeed! I completely believe with Strawberries and peppermint I used them. Peppermint really works and fresh cold cucumber. White eyeliner doesn't work for me. White eyeshow works for my eye-lids. I think it depends on the size and shape of your eyes. The white eyeliner became famous after Lady Gaga used it.