Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kapuso Stars at the GMA Dinagyang Festival Show in SM City Iloilo

The Dinagyang Festival 2012 in Iloilo was made even more fun and graced by the GMA Network Kapuso Stars last January 22nd 2012 in SM City Iloilo Car Park. 

Celebrities who joined the said event were Bella Padilla, Claudine Barreto, Daniel Matsunaga, Ehra Madrigal, Mikael Daez and Paolo Contis

Together with a local host from Iloilo, Paolo Contis kicked off the event as they invited Bella Padilla to sing for the crowd. At the latter part of her production number, Bella invited a couple of men whom she serenaded.  

Prior to the event, me and my friends had a chance to have a photo op with the Kapuso stars. Bella Padilla enthusiastically posed with her fans and even chatted with most of those who wished to have a photo taken with her. While she may look pretty on television, the actress looked even much prettier in person especially with her down-to-earth personally. 

Brapanese hunk, Daniel Matsunaga, together with his talent handler Maffy Silvala. It was nice to see them both again after our last meeting during the Royal Date

Daniel Matsunaga is probably one of the nicest and the hottest male celebrities in the Philippine industry - if not the most. He does not only look dashing but he sure have the humble spirit to match the looks. Whatever kindness that you see him on television is actually extended beyond the cameras. 

The crowd's cheering - which is mainly consisted by women - grew even louder when the Brapanese hunk sang Ngiti by Ronnie Liang. His diligence in learning the Tagalog language is apparent as his diction and mastery of the language as he serenaded the crowd. 

Mikael Daez was such a revelation! He looked quite normal on television but he sure looked so dashing and hot in person. He sang the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and the crowd's cheer grew louder as he moved closer to them. 

The Celebrities and their Not-So-Good-Mood Off Cam

While it is understandable that celebrities have so much stressful challenges and pressures to deal with and may sometimes be not in the good mood to deal with their fans, it is not an excuse to be rude.

Bella Padilla - More Than Just a Pretty Face

Bella obviously is an exception. She is one of those actresses who clearly knows how to balance her lifestyle. She was game when fans wanted to have a photo taken with her, she did not only smile for the cameras but even quickly chatted with those who were present. She definitely has the pretty attitude to match the lovely face.

Ehra Madrigal - That Deceiving Face

In the photo, the actress Ehra Madrigal looked really sweet and approachable but while in the hotel lobby, she was the complete opposite

She didn't even bother to take her shades off when fans asked to have a photo taken with her nor tried to hide her irritation. She simply posed without even trying to fake a smile. 

Paolo Contis - That Irritated Face

Perhaps it's the fame which he got right from the very start or was it just the exhausting travel that made Paolo Contis really unapproachable and exudes the air of cockiness. When he got out of his hotel room, he posed for a few photos but was clearly avoiding more. 

Paolo is such a good actor and host at that. He made the crowd laugh with his jokes and he has that knack for throwing the punch lines at the right time, but still that doesn't change the fact that he's a bit mahangin off cam. 

Claudine Barretto - That Prima Dona Face

Introduced as Ilongga but clearly had a hard time convincing us that she still knows the language, Claudine Barretto was the sole celebrity which we never got the chance to have a photo op with. Just when she reached the hotel lobby where her fans where eagerly waiting to have a photo taken with her, she immediately asked her personal assistant to get hurry and no request to have a photo with her was accommodated. 

The Dinagyang Festival 2012 together with the GMA Kapuso Stars was such a fun and successful event the stars arrived on time, the crowd was entertained and it was also a good time to get to know the stars beyond the cameras - with some in their not-so-good-mood. 


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